Zap-Over Technology

for using Big Data on the Internet


The Internet functions of today’s Big Data systems are completely inadequate. The main reason is because of the difficulty of transmitting Big Data over the Internet due to its size.

Turbo Data Laboratories’ Zap-Over technology is the first database system in the world to overcome these challenges and enable truly practical use of Big Data over the Internet.

Zap-Over Technology solves this issue with Big Data

To make it truly feasible to use Big Data on the Internet, Turbo Data Laboratories has developed Zap-Over Technology, which solves the following issues:

Makes it possible to proves Big Data on a server using a database on the client side, via the Internet

Does not require a long period of time to transfer massive volumes of Big Data. Sends only the smallest necessary parts of the Big Data to the client side for processing. This minimizes the volume of data transmitted, enabling ultra-high speeds even though the processing takes place through the Internet.

Since there is no need to transfer the entire database of Big Data to the user side, the user can be charged only for the volume used instead of selling the entire database as a whole, promoting use as a result.

Big Data can be merged over the Internet

To search and process two sources of Big Data, usually the two need to be merged together. For this reason, the two sources are brought together in one place and merged. It takes a long time both to transmit the large volume of data to a single place and to merge it.

Zap-Over Technology has a function for instantly merging the Big Data virtually over the Internet. Since the data is merged in a few seconds over the Internet, it is the first technology to make it practical to search and process two or more sources of Big Data over the Internet.

While distributed databases have been in use for a long time, combinations of Big Data have been possible using only the combinations decided on by the service provider. Zap-Over Technology makes it possible to combine any Big Data on the client side, and the user can choose how to use it. Like Internet mashup technology, it makes it possible to use Big Data from two providers combined together.


Keeps server load to a minimum

Publishing Big Data on the Internet makes it accessible to users around the world. When the server hosting the Big Data is subjected to heavy use in searching and processing data, the load on the server increases greatly, making it impractical to use the data.

Zap-Over Technology minimizes the processing conducted by the service provider, by conducing searching and processing on the client side (PC or smartphone). This greatly reduces the load on the server and enables simultaneous processing by multiple users. This eliminates the need for costly, high-performance database servers.

The above technology makes it possible to provide Big Data Internet services at low cost, just like an ordinary website.

Technological description of Zap-Over Technology

Just like a standard Internet system, Zap-Over BigData System consists of the Big Data service-provider side and the client side from where it’s used.

The server for providing Big Data, Zap-Over BigData Server, can be set up independently anyplace in the world. The user installs special-purpose software on the client (PC, smartphone, etc.) that he or she plans to use.

System configuration
Service provider

Zap-Over Converter : Software used to convert data formats

The Big Data’s format is converted as preprocessing. The base Big Data is converted from the standard .csv format to Zap-Over. Optionally, it could be encrypted. This conversion is conducted at high speed (ex.: on a Core i7・system with a hard disk and Linux OS, at roughly 70 [GByte/hour]).

Zap-Over Server module : Internet server software

Big Data in Zap-Over format is transmitted in response to access from a client terminal. Optionally, user authentication could be conducted as well.

Client side

Zap-Over Client Software : Internet client software

Used to search and process Big Data on the server side.
The data can be manipulated and displayed through a spreadsheet-type GUI.
Big Data stored in multiple locations can be combined and used simultaneously.



Using Big Data over the Internet through Zap-Over Technology

Zap-Over delivers the following strengths and functions:

Enables full use of Big Data over the Internet

Big Data around the world can be used from a client terminal anywhere in the world, through the Internet.

Ultra-high-speed searching and other processing

Data structures, algorithms, and implementation technologies based on linear filtering theory enable ultra-high-speed performance.

Minimizes volume of data transmitted

The volume of data transmitted between the server and the client is kept to a minimum. Transmission takes place at high speeds with low transmission costs.

Compatible with searching and processing multiple Big Data sources in combination

Multiple Big Data sources in different locations can be combined together for searching and processing on the client side. There is no need for merging that involves transmission of all the data.

This makes it possible to conduct database operations such as searching, joining, and union at ultra-high speeds.

Low processing load on the service-provider side

Since most processing is conducted on the client side, the load of processing on the server side is low. This makes it possible to handle access from around the world even without high-performance server hardware.

Compatible with a wide range of client platforms

Compatible with Windows,・Linux,・and Android (on smartphones).

Not suited to data that changes in real time

Since the original Big Data (in .cvs format) needs to be converted to the Zap-Over data format for processing, it is not well suited to data that changes in real time.

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