Zap-Over Technology makes it possible to use Big Data on the Internet

Zap-Over Technology will make it possible to use a wide range of Big Data to greatly improve our lives and industry.

Expectations for use of Big Data

Efforts are beginning to publish and promote use of the numerous types of Big Data held by various governments, public agencies, and businesses.

As Zap-Over Technology realizes the widespread, efficient use of Big Data, it will enable advances such as the following.

– The ability to use Big Data from anyplace in the world and from a client anyplace in the world.

– Low charges for use and telecommunications, and low costs for setup and operation of Big Data servers.

– The ability to search and process a number of different sources of Big Data together.

– Processing on the side of the user’s client terminal rather than that of the service provider (light degree of processing on the server side).

– Charging only for the volumes of data used instead of licensing or selling a single source of Big Data as a whole.

If it were possible to exchange Big Data on the Internet in this way, then it should be possible to move ahead into a new era in which the Big Data held by governments, public agencies, and companies can be used effectively around the world through publishing it (free or at a charge) on the Internet.

Example of a system using Zap-Over Technology

First, store Big Data on Zap-Over Big Data servers installed around the world (for example, Big Data on individual regions stored at overseas branches in those regions), converting the data to Zap-Over format when it is stored.

Next, install Zap-Over client software on client devices (PCs or smartphones).

These two simple steps will make it possible to process and use freely Big Data databases around the world from a client device connected to the Internet.

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