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Business intelligence

The purpose of business intelligence is to put the data stored in company databases to use in corporate decision-making. It supports ascertaining conditions and decision-making through searching and multidimensional analysis of massive volumes of data to identify useful information and conduct data mining, summarizing the results in easily understandable graphs, tables, and reports.

In the process of searching and analyzing data, trying out various search and analysis methods to identify useful information is an important job. For this reason, important properties of related systems include usability, multiple functions, and processing speed.

Developing a business intelligence system

 For purposes of such analysis, the original data is sorted and organized (data cleansing), stored in a massive database (data warehouse), and then stored in database of sizes that are easy to use through processing and identifying the data necessary for analysis (data marts). This is used in high-speed data analysis through various methods.


 The following methods are used in the system development for the analysis portion of the above process:

– Use of standard database systems

While data analysis is multifunctional and high-speed, experts are required due to the need for analysis programming.

– Use of business intelligence (BI) tools

While analysis can be conducted through graphical operations., the volume of data that can be handled is limited, and levels of analytical functions and speed are not high.

– Use of spreadsheets (e.g., Excel)

While this method makes it easy to conduct analysis, the volume of data that can be handled is limited and levels of analytical functions and speed are not high.

Use of Zap-In Technology

Data analysis is multifunctional and high-speed. Analysis can be conducted through operations like those of a spreadsheet. No data marts are needed because even large-scale data can be analyzed at high speed. Also offers powerful cleansing functions.


Comparison of business intelligence functions
Processing Standard database system Business intelligence tool Spreadsheet (e.g., Excel) Zap-In Technology
Cleansing function Usually available None None Powerful
Database analysis functions Powerful Cannot handle large numbers of types of values Cannot handle some processing such as JOIN operator Powerful
Operation Uses SQL
(requires expertise)
Graphical, simple Spreadsheet, simple Spreadsheet, simple
Programming of processing Programming in SQL language Unnecessary (or programmed by experts) Unnecessary (or available to some degree) Automated programming
Processing speed High Low Low Ultra-high
Large-scale data Compatible Incompatible Incompatible Compatible
Data marts Required depending on volume of data Required Required Unnecessary even for Big Data
Visualization, graphing Visualization tools Powerful Powerful Displayed through linkage with Excel

Zap-In Technology’s business intelligence functions

Zap-In Technology provides superior business intelligence functions.

One-stop processing with high operational efficiency

Can handle the entire flow of cleansing, data analysis, and visualization of analysis results smoothly.

While most business intelligence tools are not very good at cleansing, which is essential to data analysis, Zap-In Technology provides high-performance, high-speed cleansing. Since its ultra-high-speed database processing means it can handle Big Data as well, there is no need for data marts. It has a feature for smooth interfacing of analysis results with Excel, enabling a wide range of types of visualization using the wealth of functions provided by Excel.

High operational efficiency through interactive processing even of Big Data

With most business intelligence tools, when using Big Data processing times become so long and operational efficiency so low that it would be difficult to describe such processing as interactive.

Zap-In Technology’s business intelligence functions enable high degrees of operational efficiency since they are capable of ultra-high-speed, interactive processing even of Big Data.

A full range of high-speed functions for data manipulation

Zap-In Technology can quickly process even data conversion (such as conversion between units or categorization), something that BI tools usually are not very good at. It also can transmit data in an instant using the relationships of fact dimension tables. Its Excel-like formulas, categorizing, and format conversion also are ultra-high-speed.

In addition, although business intelligence tools usually are capable of visualization through graphing as well as interactive processing, graphing data such as a list of customers containing 10,000 names is impractical because of the precise detail involved. Also, items inside a graph cannot be accessed by clicking on them. Zap-In Technology (Aktblitz III) employs a spreadsheet interface for interactive processing, delivering a high-speed, user-friendly environment.

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