Zap-In Technology
automated programming feature


Zap-In Technology provides an automated programming feature that makes it possible to complete system integration in a short timeframe and makes it easy to add new features quickly after system development as well.

Uses Python

Usually relational databases use the SQL programming language in system development. As a nonprocedural language, SQL involves the problems of difficulty of programming since loops cannot be written in it and the fact that debugging can take some time since its variables are not exposed.

Zap-In Technology solves the above issues by using the procedural programming language Python. Python provides high levels of programming efficiency and reliability, as well as ease of use thanks to its large-scale standard library.
Python programs also can be called from a job scheduler.

System integration in an ultra-short timeframe (automated programming)

Zap-In Technology offers an automated programming feature through recording macros.
When the user uses the mouse to process data in the spreadsheet-type graphical user interface, at the same time those actions are recorded and converted to a Python program. This results in a database processing program for performing the task, enabling system integration with no need for programming. Tasks can be recorded and converted to programs in this way because Python is a procedural language.

Furthermore, since database processing in this way takes place at ultra-high speed and the results are displayed immediately, debugging too can be conducted quickly and with a high degree of efficiency because it is clear right away whether an operation was completed correctly.
As a practical example, Zap-In Technology has been used to complete in three days system integration that had taken more than one month using an ordinary database system.

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