Ultra-high-speed Big Data processing technology:

Zap-In Technology Overview

Zap-In: the most advanced form of in-memory database

Among databases, the most successful and widely used type is the relational database.  In-memory databases, which store data in main memory, have been developed as a way of increasing the speed of relational database.  But even so, they result in speeds is only about 10 times faster.

Turbo Data Laboratories has developed a high-speed in-memory database by rebuilding the data structures and processing algorithms from the ground up.  Built on algorithms based on our own Linear Filtering Method, this database system delivers processing speeds 10 to 1000 times, and in some cases even 100,000 times, faster than other database systems.

In addition, thanks to this data structure it can handle massive data of up to 2 million lines even though it is an in-memory database.

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