Introduction to ultra-high-speed database products


An Internet-based distributed Big Data processing system <to details>

  1. Capable of integrating and processing Big Data distributed on the Internet
  2. Capable of ultra-high-speed processing of massive Big Data


The first technology in the world that truly enables processing of Big Data through the Internet


Search 2 billion record will be completed in about one second.

Operating environment

Server side (convert data formats)

OS: Windows 7/8/10, Linux

Client side

OS: Windows 7/8/10, Linux(Android)

examples of system integration

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adoption case studies <To adoption case studies>

Adopted by the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, this system succeeded in greatly improving the efficiency of operations by increasing the speed of searching the extremely complex, time-consuming international remittance system by about 80 times and increasing the number of simultaneous accesses by about 20 times.

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List of products

Zap-Over Reader/Writer

Consists of a Writer module installed on the server side and a Reader module installed on the client side.

OS:  32bit/64bit


A solutions system provided by Esperant System Co., Ltd.

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Zap-Over Embedded Module

A module for embedding the functions of Zap-Over in customer-developed software systems. Equipped with a powerful API.