Introduction to ultra-high-speed database products

Turbo Data Laboratories offers three series of ultra-high-speed database products: the Zap-In Series, the Zap-Over Series, and the Zap-Text Series.


1. Zap-In Series <to details>

The Zap-In Series is a series of ultra-high-speed database systems that demonstrates its power in processing Big Data.
Features <to details>
  1. Can process massive Big Data at ultra-high speeds
  2. Enables integration in a short period of time using its automated programming feature
  3. Features high-performance business intelligence functions.
Products <to details>
1. Aktblitz III : Standalone
2. Aktblitz III : Server-Client

Can connect to up to 16 clients

3. Aktblitz III : Cluster Server

Can run on up to 16 parallel servers

4. Aktblitz III : Web Services

Can be used through a client’s Web browser

5. Aktblitz III Engine : Engine Embedded Module

This product is the engine for Aktblitz III’s core features only, without the user interface.

2. Zap-Over Series <to details>

The Internet distributed Big Data Warehouse System
Features <to details>

1. The first technology in the world that truly enables processing of Big Data through the Internet
2. Capable of integrating and processing Big Data distributed on the Internet
3. Capable of ultra-high-speed processing of massive Big Data

Products <to details>
1. Seraser

A solutions system provided by Esperant System Co., Ltd

2. Zap-Over Reader/Writer

Consists of a Writer module installed on the server side and a Reader module installed on the client side.

3. Zap-Over Embedded Module

A module for embedding the functions of Zap-Over in customer-developed software systems. Equipped with a powerful API.


3. Zap-Text Series <to details>

An ultra-high-speed full-text search system

1. Enables searching of massive text data at ultra-high speed
2. Uses full-text search to find target terms from all documents searched
3. Enables instantaneous searching of more than 10 million diagrams and documents distributed across multiple branches and offices


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