Message from the President

More than a decade has passed since the establishment of Turbo Data Laboratories, Inc. to develop the theory behind the groundbreaking database technology of component analysis and develop and deliver to the world ultra-high-speed database systems based on this technology.

Since then, we have earned the high regard of numerous companies that have adopted our technology. In the future as well, we intend to proceed with further technological development to deliver even more groundbreaking products. We already have set targets for a number of newly developed technologies and are studying plans for commercializing them. We plan to intensify our alliances with various partner firms and enhance our internal structures to ensure that users around the world can utilize even better products.

We would appreciate your continued guidance and support.

Shinji Furusho, President

Turbo Data Laboratories, Inc.


Shinji Furusho’s brief career history

1982: Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

1982: Joined FANUC Corporation

1986: Completed master’s degree program at the School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

2000: Founded Turbo Data Laboratories, Inc., as President and CEO

Business policies


Creating a world in which Big Data is widely used and advanced, by promoting groundbreaking innovative database technologies worldwide


Continuing to create groundbreaking new Big Data technologies

Promoting such groundbreaking new technologies worldwide as products useful to society

Company overview


Turbo Data Laboratories, Inc.

Main lines of business
  1. Development and sale of technologies and products for database systems for ultra-high-speed processing of Big Data
  2. Licensing patents and technologies related to the above
Head office

Helios Kannai Building, 3-21-2 Motohamacho, Naka-ku,
Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0004

Tel.: +81-45-222-8826 Fax.045-222-8283

President and CEO
    Shinji Furusho

JPY 200,440,000


August 28, 2000

Intellectual property

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Media coverage

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