Zap-Over series adoption case study

1. Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau
Information retrieval system

System overview

Collecting Big Data from numerous remote locations and reconciling the data to carry out complex data queries.

Succeeded in dramatically improving operational efficiency through cutting processing time

While the previous system took 20 minutes to process a single data query and data could be processed by only a single staff member at a time, adopting the Zap-Over system enabled dramatic improvements (by 1600 times) in performance, shortening the time required per query to 15 seconds and enabling data processing by 20 staff members simultaneously.
This succeeded in markedly improving operational efficiency and greatly increasing the organization’s processing capabilities.

The agency plans to deploy the technology to other sections as well.

While at present shipping of hard disks is relied on to obtain Big Data, the Zap-Over system offers a full range of functions and performance for network connections to remote locations (with no effect on query speed or other performance).

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