Super Speed Database TechnologyBig-Data Breakthrough for your Business!

Turbo Data Laboratories, Inc. provides

Super High Speed Database System

and will provide next Hyper Technologies.

  • Overwhelmingly high speeds
  • High cost-performance
  • Quick System Integration
  • High-performance BI tools
  • Internet distributed big-data warehouse
  • Zap-In Series
  • Zap-Over Series
  • Zap-Text Series
  • Fujitsu Ltd.
  • Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau
  • JAXA
  • Major airlines
  • And many more

New white paper is ready:
  Create The Global Usage Cycle of Big Data

Patent Documents:

We created technical commentary videos:
  1. Zap-Over: The Big Data’s Browser across Clouds

     2. Zap-In: The Big Data’s Spreadsheet with Relational Algebra Support



Five major strengths of Turbo Data Laboratories’ ultra-high-speed databases


1. Overwhelmingly high speeds See here for details


Delivers speeds of 20 or more times those of Spark, known as an ultra-high-speed database. Boasts ultra-high speeds 10-1000 times faster than those of an ordinary database system, or 100,000 times faster for some processing. This speed advantage increases by leaps and bounds when using Big Data. These high speeds together with its compatibility with Big Data, high performance, and interactivity can achieve significant advances in various business processes.


2. Compatibility with massive Big Data See here for details

Configured for a single device, Zap-In can handle 2 billion records, while in a cluster configuration it can handle a massive volume of Big Data at 32 billion records. Zap-Over can handle 200 billion records.

While an ordinary database will suffer extreme decreases in speed as the volume of data increases, a strength of Zap-In/Zap-Over is the gentler degree of speed decreases.

3. System integration in a very short timeframe See here for details

Its automatic programming function and highly efficient debugging process make it possible to complete system integration in a very short time (about 1/10 that of an ordinary database).  Users’ database operations using the GUI are converted automatically into program source codes.

What’s more, it makes it possible to achieve the same performance on smaller-scale hardware at much lower costs (1/10 – 1/1000).

4. High-performance business intelligence tools See here for details
Comes with high-performance business intelligence functions, enabling one-stop analysis with interactive batch processing, cleansing, and interfacing with Excel.
5. Internet distributed big-data warehouse See here for details
Makes it possible to combine two or more individual databases and use them together from around the world. Zap-Over is the world’s Only Internet Distributed Big-data Warehouse Technology.


Turbo Data Laboratories’ Ultra-high-speed database products

1. Zap-In Series See here for details
An ultra-high-speed in-memory database product.
2. Zap-Over Series See here for details
The world’s first Internet distributed ultra-high-speed database product, a groundbreaking technology that makes it possible to handle Big Data freely over the Internet.
3. Zap-Text Series See here for details
An ultra-high-speed full-text retrieval system.

3. Track record

Turbo Data Laboratories’ track record

Product adoption examplesSee here for details

We have delivered ultra-high-speed database products to various client firms.  See here for case studies.

Technology licensing See here for details

Nikkei BP Technology Award, Information/Telecommunications Section: Development of an ultra-high-speed database engine based on a proprietary LFM method

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